Commodities are a unique asset class and have been one of the earliest forms of investment.

One of the main advantages of commodities investments is that the returns are regularly independent of standard stock and bond market investments.



Our commodity risk ratings have been engineered to indicate the up- and downside potential of major commodity markets (e.g., spot gold denominated in US Dollar per ounce) on an aggregated basis in percentage points.


Generally, a risk rating of 60% or higher should indicate relatively high-risk and unfavorable investment conditions. Consequently, you should consider staying away from such markets, or if you have already invested, put your risk management skills in action to protect your investment.


A risk rating of 40% or lower should mean a low-risk market with favorable market conditions for the respective commodity.

Please find more details on our risk benchmarks at our risk rating overview.


We provide the following commodity market risk rating:

Global gold risk score
Since 2018 the comprehensive and broad Gold Risk Rating (GXAUR) aims to measure the risk of spot gold investments in USD. Historical data for the GXAUR is available at

A complete list of all published market risk ratings is available at

Combine our risk ratings with our savvy investment strategies, and you find it easier to invest successfully.

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“If you don’t own Gold, you know neither history nor economics.”

Ray Dalio


08/07/2020 - Gold risk rating and performance

“In a risk on/risk off world of total correlations, these guys might be worth looking at.”

Yves, United Kingdom


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Out of the estimated 2 trillion USD of over-the-counter (OTC) derivates on commodities, approximately 500 billion USD are linked to the gold price. Besides the very liquid precious metal markets, oil commodities are also extremely liquid because commodities are still the essential basis of the world economy.

One unique advantage of commodities is that they act as a reasonable inflation hedge. Typically commodities are part of standard inflation indices and price baskets. Therefore an investment in commodities offers the closest inflation hedge among all asset classes.

Commodities prices are very volatile, and consequently, it is not that easy to forecast the future price development of commodities prices. What you need are the right risk ratings to keep yourself up-to-date. Also, it is strongly recommended to have the proper financial resources at hand.

RISXX risk ratings make it easy for you to take advantage of an independent risk assessment of the current commodities market situation. By subscribing to our weekly RISXX market risk reports, you will get dozens of weekly risk ratings and risk strategies along with market performance reports. It provides you with a comprehensive market insight that should yield a higher return on investment.



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