We have created our stock risk ratings to indicate the potential risk of stock investments at a glance.

Our goal is to provide you with easily understandable and intuitive stock risk assessments.

As a result, we have combined all the relevant data into a single risk score per market.



When it comes to choosing where to invest your money, stocks offer the best chance of maximizing your return over the long term. This is because they have the potential to provide both long-term growth and dividend income.

However, it is also important to remember that stock market investments come with a certain amount of risk. We designed our stock risk ratings to help you understand the potential risk of investing in the stock market on a global, regional, or country-based basis. While the risk of investing in stocks may never be eliminated, our stock risk scores can be valuable in your investment decision process.

We believe that our stock risk ratings offer the best chance of minimizing that risk and maximizing return over the long term by providing a good indication of the potential risk involved in any given stock investment. So if you’re looking to grow your wealth over the long term, our risk scores should be a crucial part of your investment portfolio decision process.


Generally, a 60% or higher risk rating indicates high-risk and unfavorable investment conditions. A higher risk score means you should consider staying away from such markets, or if you have already invested, put your risk management skills into action to protect your investment.


A 40% or lower risk rating signals a low-risk market with favorable market conditions for stock investments. This is a good time for you to invest in stocks. This means there is less chance of a market crash and to experience major downturns. You can feel confident putting your money into stocks. However, it is still important to do your research and invest wisely, as there is always some risk involved in the stock market.

Please find more details on our risk benchmarks at our risk rating overview.


The stock market is a risky place, and no one wants to lose their hard-earned money. But at the same time, no one wants to miss out on potential gains. So, how do you know how much risk you’re taking on when you invest in stocks?

That’s where our unique risk ratings come in. Our risk ratings give you an accurate picture of the risks involved in any stock investment and are therefore a helpful tool in your overall investment strategy.

This information, combined with your savvy investment strategies, can help you make informed decisions and you find it, even more, easier to invest successfully.

We provide the following fifty stock market risk ratings:

A global stock market risk score

The global stock market risk score is a measurement of how risky it is to invest in the stock market. Since early 2020 – right before the COVID-19-fueled bear market, the comprehensive and broad global stock risk rating (GSMR) has been tracking 101 stock markets of developed (e.g., US stock market) and emerging countries.

It is a valuable tool for assessing global stock market risk and for comparing the relative risk of different asset classes. The GSMR has been a reliable predictor of stock market performance and has helped investors to make informed decisions about where to allocate their assets.

Historical data for the GSMR is available at

Eight regional stock market risk scores

The GSMR consists of eight regional stock risk ratings (e.g., Western Europe and North America). Besides, we also provide selected country and sector risk ratings.

Eleven country stock market risk scores

covering major economies, such as the US, Canada, Germany, France, and Japan.

Eleven US stock sector risk scores

including Energy, Financials, Health Care, and Utilities.

Nineteen European stock sector risk scores

including Banks, Insurance, Retail, and Technology.

Please find historical data for our risk-based stock market strategy based on our stock risk rating

A complete list of all published stock market risk ratings is available at

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Global stock market risk rating and performance
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The global stock market size is estimated to have worth 80 trillion USD. In comparison, the market capitalization of all US stocks is expected to be 30 trillion USD. Considering this market size, not investing in stocks would be a mistake. Investing in stocks, along with other assets, would also mean having a diversified investment portfolio. Diversification is important when it comes to investing because it helps spread out the risk. While the stock market does have the potential to provide a high return on investment, it is also a volatile market with a lot of risks.

However, unlike the bond market, the stock market is highly volatile. It isn’t easy to forecast where the market is headed. You cannot protect your investment unless you are aware of the risk situation of the stock market. This is why you need to pay attention to the risks of various stock markets around the world.

RISXX risk ratings will help you keep yourself updated about the current stock market situation and embedded risk. By subscribing to our weekly RISXX market risk report, you will get dozens of weekly risk ratings along with market performance reports. It provides you with a comprehensive stock market insight that should yield a higher return on investment and support you in making better investment decisions.

By subscribing to our weekly reports, you will remain up-to-date with current market conditions by receiving benchmark market risk scores for stocks. Subscribe to our RISXX market risk report and get 71 risk ratings for US and international stock and bond markets, gold, and foreign exchange cross rates, along with performance reports every Sunday.

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